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Open Art Exhibition, Islington, London

I was recently invited to take part in World View’s Open Art exhibition, which will be taking place 12th – 24th September 2017 at the Cass Art flagship store in Islington, London.

This is an exhibition with a novel concept; it combines a real-life gallery and a virtual space. Here are more details from the Cass Art website:


“The #Openart exhibition introduces a new way of viewing and sharing art, crossing the line between a real-world gallery and a virtual one. On the walls of the Cass Art Space in Islington you will find a selection of fine art and photography from artists around the UK. Every artwork on display has also been digitally reproduced and can be seen inside the virtual gallery – which breaks beyond the four walls of the space and expands the selection of artworks to over a hundred. Not only can you explore the fantasy virtual space as part of your visit to Cass Art, you can also download this experience at home. This ground-breaking idea gives art-lovers a novel experience, whilst improving access to art and enabling artists to share their work more widely and easily, and in new and exciting ways.”

Address: 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AB

Opening hours:

  1. Monday – Saturday: 10 – 7

  2. Sunday: 12 – 6

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